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ummmm. i'm jenny. no one ever actually reads this so i'm just gonna put whatevs :)

18. sophomore at u of m flint. majoring in communications and considering adding double major in spanish. color guard is my entire life. last winter i marched with interplay open and i'm currently marching with lakeshoremen. i help teach at grand blanc and i'm caption head at carman-ainsworth. i love to read though i don't do it as much as i'd like to anymore. gossip girl is my vice :) i also like murder mysteries, teen-ish kindof fiction real-life drama stories, chick flick books, and historical books. i used to love writing poetry but i kind of suck now, but i still love to read and interpret. i love being out on the water, it's probably the most relaxing activity out there. i like camping, going to the beach, just having fun with friends. i love getting to [actually] know people, so feel free to add/msg/txt/whatever floats your boat. :)